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The Nature of Music

The trickling of rain drops, the sound of crickets, the murmuring of the brook, all create in us a wonderful feeling, of finding the reverberations of nature within ourselves, bringing us sensations of peacefulness.

As humans, we are highly privileged, to bring these endowments of rhythm and melody of nature into our lives, in the form of music. Since the beginning of time, music has pervaded into humanity in some form or the other. Archaeologists have discovered percussion instruments from as back as 175,000 years back and flutes made of bone and mammoth ivory ranging from 45,000 to 70,000 years old. Pan pipes made of bamboo, named after the legendary rustic Greek God Peter Pan, were made even 30,000 years back.

The wide influence music is because of its all-pervading nature, even while being intangible and invisible. In such terms, music can very well be likened to be omnipresent like God himself. Scientists have proven that music has impressions on the human mind through influencing the brain’s functions in positive ways. Music is supposed to stimulate the neurotransmitter hormone dopamine, which in turn triggers happiness. Even plants and animals experience positive influence, when music is played near them. Several studies have indicated that plants grow faster and are healthier, when exposed to music of any genre.

In the Indian sub-continent, music has flourished in many rich forms since ages. It is a part of art and culture, in almost all regions, where children are encouraged, to play an instrument or learn vocal training, based on their interest and talent.

One of my first experiences of listening to Sankmani da’s music was at a function where he flawlessly sang the ghazal ‘Hosh Waalon Ko Khabar Kya’ wishing well to a couple, about to get married. But his golden voice made a more lasting impression on me, when a few years later, he lent his golden voice to the ghazal ‘Tera Chehra Kitna Suhana Lagta Hai’ in a moon-lit mehfil, at a friend’s backyard. I am happy to be writing in his blog and hope that his beautiful voice will continue to enrich the memories of many, over time.

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