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Looking for Ghazal and desi singers in New York? Sankumani Sarma is the best you would want.

While ghazals are the most popular among older people, there is little doubt over the fact that new generations are not praising this soulful genre of music enough. It seems as if the bliss of Ghazal music is dying; therefore, it is needed to be revived and appreciated like anything. Sankumani Sarma aims to heap on the admiration of ghazal music by touching the heart and soul of its fans.

The importance of this slow and moving genre of Indian music is tremendous, gaining eminence around the world. At Treat For Your Soul, we have with us Sankumani Sarma, the ghazal maestro, who promises to create a mystical mehfil at your musical events and ghazal nights. He can satisfy your longing for traditional classical music with his magical voice. From the classics of Muhammad Rafi, Jagjit Singh, and Pankaj Udas, to his own beautiful signatures composed with intense passion, Sankumani will stir your emotions and revive your connection with old era music through his enchanting performances.

Sankumani’s concert; a treat for your soul!

Have him over for all types of wedding events or dedicate an exclusive musical night in honor of ghazal music with Sankumani Sarma, you will be stunned by the mystic charm of this ghazal singer in NY. Your guests will be blown away by how he binds the crowd with his singing. Sankumani’s ghazals and geets will leave everyone spellbound by the fact of how mesmerizing his voice is.

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