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Being one of the leading sangeet singers in Illinois, Sankumani Sarma is popularly known for creating magic in your musical evenings with his soulful voice!

Sankumani was a regular artist for All India Radio with a passion for the mystical ghazal genre of Indian-themed music. He has been a charmer in bringing people together into the blissful joy of listening to soulful ghazal music in the intimate sangeet nights/evenings.

Sankumani Sarma, with his passion for singing, now travels all over the United States to perform in mehfils, sangeet, and wedding events. There is a special ecstasy in listening to his voice, stirring the mystical magic of old and popular ghazals and geets.

If you’re looking for ghazal singers in IL, considering Sankumani to entertain you on your special events and occasions, he would only create an ever-memorable evening for you and your guests.  

Make your musical nights even magical with Sankumani!

In this day and age, where new generations are forgetting the charm of the golden era, it has become fundamentally important to revive and cherish what we have been missing for long. Ghazal music is one part of this lost charm; ghazals are observed as an integral component of Indian-themed music and are famous all around the world.

If you are looking for musicians for hire in Illinois online, Treat For Your Soul is your place to be for exclusive ghazal genre. From the classics of Muhammad Rafi, Pankaj Udhas, and Jagjit Singh, to his compositions made with substantial passion, Sankumani will definitely ensure to whip up your emotions sore high during his performances.

Ghazal music is rightfully termed as the music for the soul. At Treat For Your Soul, we have Sankumani Sarma to blow away your love for old ghazal and geets. He is known for attracting and binding the crowds with his soulful voice like anything. Being a professional singer and a man of tremendous talents, Sankumani fascinates his audiences all over the world. It doesn’t matter the type of event you’re hosting, his performances are everything you would want to rejuvenate your love for ghazal music.

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