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Make your wedding events memorable with Sankumani's Ghazal Mehfil!

Are you having a wedding in Connecticut? Good news, you’ve got a great opportunity to enjoy the events with the greatest Bollywood zing. In Connecticut, everything from lush greenhouses to ballrooms and grand state venues is so breathtakingly perfect that your events will naturally become the most memorable evening ever. For people with a Bollywood heart, ghazal singer in CT, Sankumani Sarma is here to make your evenings all mystical with ghazal sessions and Indian-themed music to make the wedding experience more spectacular.

The importance of this slow and soulful genre of Indian music, Ghazal, is tremendous, gaining prominence around the world. At Treat For Your Soul, our ghazal maestro Sankumani promises to create a mystical mehfil at your wedding and sangeet events, making them a big hit for both the couple and the guests present. From the classics of Pankaj Udas, Muhammad Rafi, and Jagjit Singh, to his own compositions came to life with substantial passion, Sankumani will stir your emotions and attachments with era old music sore high through his magical performances.

Sankumani’s concert is a complete “Treat for your soul!” Have him over for all types of events or just dedicate a musical night in honor of ghazal music with Sankumani, you will be stunned by the mystic charm of this ghazal singer in CT. Your guests will be blown away by his singing. His signing will leave everyone spellbound by the fact of how mesmerizing his voice is.

Take yourself back to the good old days of the Jagjit Singh and the Pankaj Udaas Ji with Sankumani. Contact us now for bookings at 732 851 3054.

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