Being one of the leading Bollywood singers in the USA, Sankumani Sarma is well known for singing ghazals and has been a regular artist for All India Radio.

Sankumani brings people together into the blissful joy of listening to beautiful poetry in an intimate setting.

Singing being his passion, now he travels all over the United States to conduct mehfil in his spare time. There is great joy in listening to his select list of very popular ghazals and geets.

If you’re looking for Indian singers in the USA, please invite Sankumani to entertain you on your special occasion with his magical voice.

Sankumani's Mehfil will make your event a memorable one!


“Sankumani’s concert is really what he says it is “A treat for your soul!” This was the second year in a row when we had Sankumani over at our place for a concert and boy what a fantastic evening we had. Our guests were blown away by his singing. “Sama Baandhna to koi Sankumani ji se seekhe.” When he starts singing, he leaves everyone spellbound by his mesmerizing voice. Takes us back to the good old days of the Jagjit Singhs and the Pankaj Udhaas’s of our times. What a great evening! Thank you, Sankumani!”

- Ajay T, Plainsboro NJ

Ghazal singer Sankumani Sarma from NJ

"Sankumani’s melodies and his soothing voice added that special magical touch to our 25th-anniversary celebrations! What started as a one-hour musical concert went on to over 3 hours of a wonderful musical evening! Can’t wait to have him over again for yet another fun-filled melodious music evening at our new home."

- Sanjana Hingorani, San Jose, CA

So, if you’re in search of singers for weddings, hit us up. Sankumani has definitely got you covered!